Sunday, September 30, 2018

Vote No On Kavanaugh

Mr. Perdue, you are my senator. As a voter, I am urging you to vote no on Brett Kavanaugh. There are other, far more qualified candidates available. I did not necessarily agree with Neil Gorsuch, but I did not oppose his nomination as he mostly seemed like an honorable man. After watching Mr. Kavanaugh's testimony this past week, I feel no such respect for Judge Kavanaugh. I found the man's testimony to be petty, vindictive, and small-minded. Even on the off-chance that he is innocent of the charges levied against him by 5 separate women (which I doubt), the fact that he would blame (without evidence) Dr. Ford's testimony on Hilary Clinton showed him to be a partisan hack, no worthier of the Supreme Court nomination than Alex Jones or any other talk show host. As a judge, he should know the value of evidence, as opposed to incendiary rhetoric. His fiery testimony would make more sense at a political rally or a talk show than at an interview for the highest court in the land.

In addition, the American Bar Association had concerns about Brett Kavanaugh's impartiality 12 years ago, and they obviously still have concerns with him this week, as they've requested an FBI investigation into him. Even if we remove the 5 sexual assault allegations against him, this man's temperament and controversial history have shown him to be unworthy of the Supreme Court nomination. Beyond that, the emotionally devastating impact this man's cavalier and unapologetic testimony has had on women and sexual assault survivors across this nation should be enough to disqualify him as well.
I realize that you are not up for re-election until 2021, but I have no plans in leaving Georgia before then, and I fully intend to base my vote in 2021 on your vote in this confirmation process this week. Please vote no, and please encourage President Trump to appoint a more qualified candidate as soon as possible. Thank you.
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