Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Books Published!

My play "The Mother of God Visits Hell" and my short play anthology "The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry and Plays in the Dark Comedy Vein)" are both on now!!!

"The Twisted Mind" is also on Barnes & Noble and other bookseller sites as well!!! "Mother of God" isn't there yet, but should be soon.

Please go to Amazon and search "Daniel Guyton" to see both books. Please purchase, and please, please, please leave feedback!!! If you've read, seen, or even like the premise of any my pieces, please share your opinions on the Amazon, and on the pages!!! You do not need to purchase to leave feedback.

If you're interested in buying, you can buy from either Amazon or, though I actually get a few more dollars if you buy directly from the publisher, so... I would ask that you please visit the following links to purchase (please note that Amazon keeps a larger portion of the Amazon sales for themselves. ALSO keeps a portion of the Amazon sales, which is why I get more if you buy from Lulu than Amazon -- and the prices are - or should be - the same). Thanks! And please visit these links to check them out!

-Dan Guyton

"The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton" ( --

"The Twisted Mind" ( --

"The Mother of God Visits Hell" ( --

"Mother of God" ( --

Remember, AND Amazon have feedback sections. Please leave feedback!! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Yours truly,
Daniel Guyton

Some quotes:

"The Mother of God Visits Hell has my strongest recommendation. It holds out the hope that American playwrights will move above realism. What’s more, Mr. Guyton’s talents as a poet and dramatist are stellar, and the script is a model for other dramatists." -- Steve Capra, Producer, The Living Theatre, NYC

"The Mother of God Visits Hell... is tightly structured, with an amazing premise... The story captivates you. It has a premise that is delectable to the nth degree." -- What The Butler Saw theatre website review

"Dan Guyton wrote a play... he knew would defy convention and test theatres on every level. Its controversial title, after all, was The Mother of God Visits Hell. He penned every line of dialogue in Iambic Pentameter and based the play on a remote poem referenced by Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky." -- Erin Rossiter, Athens Banner Herald Newspaper

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