Thursday, September 3, 2009

Georgie Gets a Facelift

My play Georgie Gets a Facelift has been accepted by the Shelterskelter XIV Festival at the Shelterbelt Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska. It runs October 8th through the 31st. The festival features "10 Original Tales of Horror, Murder, Dark Comedy, and the Macabre."

  • Georgie Gets a Facelift by Daniel Guyton - motherly love and murder make for an uncomfortable match
  • Old Friends by Tom Deiker - the sins of the past intersect with the sins of the present
  • Never Wear a Dead Man's Shoes by Judd Lear Silverman - a comic look at whether old wives' tales can be true
  • One Danger of Routine by Matthew S. Vodicka - predictability can be deadly
  • Anniversary by Josh McIlvain - two couples meet in the park, and reminiscing turns into something else
  • Hemo Phobia by Pat Bourgeois - a timeless story of love, life and death, set in a cemetery
  • The Inciting Incident by Mark Cornell - delve into the mind of a distressed and disturbed neighbor
  • Damn Spot by Alex Dremann - what would you do if your floor was haunted?
  • Safe by Deborah Finkelstein - sometimes abusive actions require retaliation
  • Fortnight of the Living Dead by Dusty Wilson - zombies love our brains, but can they also steal our hearts?

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