Saturday, March 2, 2013

Home Movies

This is amazing! My father died when I was 4 months old, and I never got to know him. Up until now, I've never even seen a video of him - only photographs. Thankfully, my Uncle Bill recently found a treasure trove of old 8mm films from the 1970's, which feature my father and the rest of his family - including many who are no longer with us. Starring Papa and Baba Guyton (Bill and Betty), their sons Kirk, Bill, Eddie, and Danny (my dad), My aunts Carol, Ellen, Julie, and my mom Debi. Also starring my cousins Jenny and Matt (as babies!), and a quick glimpse of my cousin Mary. Also included are several friends and family members from Aunt Carol's side - including members of the Topping family, and many more that I don't recognize. This is an amazing treasure trove of videos that I am so glad I was able to see. I wish there was sound, and I wish some of the shots of my dad would linger longer, but still it gave me goosebumps just to watch. I believe these clips are from 1975 through 1980. Please enjoy! (PS If you see someone who looks IDENTICAL to me, it's my Uncle Kirk who was almost the same age then as I am now).

View movie here?:   Guyton Family Home Movies

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